This calculator will find the following relationships:
  • Any blood relationship between X and Y ("X is great-grandfather of Y", "X is 3rd cousin once removed of Y" etc.)
  • Blood relationship between the spouse of X and person Y ("X is spouse of 2nd cousin of Y", "X is son-in-law of Y")
  • Blood relationship between person X and the spouse of Y ("X is 2nd cousin of spouse of Y", "X is father-in-law of Y")
  • Blood relationship between spouse of X and spouse of Y ("X spouse of sister-in-law of Y" etc.)
  • Direct marital relation ("X is spouse of Y")
Directions for use:
  • Enter first and/or last name (or part of names) in the search boxes and press "Search". Repeat this for person 1 and 2.
  • If more than 1 person is found, select the one you want from the search result pulldown box. Repeat this for person 1 and 2.
  • Now press the "Calculate relationships" button on the right.
  • TIP: when you click "search" with empty first and last name boxes you will get a list of all individuals in the database. (May take a few seconds)
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